ClownSmashEverything is a 4-piece post-hardcore/punk band from Norwich, UK.

While the ethos, delivery, and energy of the band are rooted in hardcore, the hooks are sharp, and the grooves are slab-heavy.

ClownSmashEverything's debut album, 'The Bombs Are Getting Closer...',  was recorded at Bakehouse Studios in North Norfolk, engineered and mixed by Hieronymus Melchers (Part Chimp/BK & Dad/King Prawn/Capdown/Snuff), and mastered by Eric James at Philosophers Barn.

It's released on the 1st of December through Aaahh!!! Real Records.

‘The Bombs Are Getting Closer…’ is 10 tracks of relentless energy; a lean 30 minutes of angular and acerbic post-punk with flashes of Pumpkins-esque melody.  The lyrics spit razor-sharp comments on post-millennial life and personal conflict, uniquely delivered with vitriol and pitch-black humour.

ClownSmashEverything will debut their visceral live show on home turf on 7th December at The Waterfront Studio in Norwich before taking it to London while the dust settles. 

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